Welcome to Real Communications

Founded on a wealth of experience, this small consultancy, led by Desiray Viney, offers a wide range of services to individuals, small groups, businesses, NGOs and organisations, from answering communication queries, solving problems, to planning projects and undertaking research – both product and corporate. Specialising in:

General and specific strategic communication counsel to individuals and companies wanting to be heard and understood better.

Media Relations planning for those who want to adopt a multidimensional communication campaign.

Corporate Stakeholder Relations maintained and improved by ongoing communication and information sharing and reputation enhancement.

Skills Development Workshops aimed at everyone from shop-floor and front-line employees to managers and leaders to achieve alignment with corporate vision and goals.

Copy writing and editing for any genre: academic texts, fictional texts, features, promotional copy, report and proposal writing.

To contribute to building a society that really communicates and works better.

To offer individuals, businesses and leaders values-driven advice on building relationships through communication to enhance their reputations and improve our society.