Meet Desiray Viney: Writer, Presenter, Public relations practitioner, Teacher, Media analyst, Lecturer, holds a masters degree in Communication and Media Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Recently retired from education and lecturing, Desiray has set up a consultancy. She maintains there will always be a need for individuals and organisations to improve their communication skills and techniques, hence she wants to share her extensive experience, skills and knowledge in media and communication work, education and training, and public relations with people who aspire to connect, influence and lead.

Desiray has presented papers on a number of topics, including: developing responsible leaders through the media; Corporate and government communication regarding social issues; the role of the tabloid in SA, and about negotiating ways around a new kind of journalism for a new kind of audience. In addition, her MA thesis has been published as a book by Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany.