From developing goal-driven strategies and plans through research, to action, implementation, and evaluation.
Research tools: Questionnaires; Surveys; Interviews; Focus groups; Media monitoring.

Education and Training:
Education and Training
Of researchers, emerging managers and business owners, and employees. In all aspects of Communication: Personal and Corporate skills development, training and guidelines through workshops, seminars, and mentorship after on-the-job training. Language skilling of staff – 2nd language English teaching.

Analysis and Advice:
Analysis and Advice
Analysing clients’ situations; giving counsel, advising on strategic relations and actions for goal fulfilment and resolution of problems and crises.

Learning, Language, Liaising and Leading:
Language, Learning and Liaison
Learning about the role and impact of communication and engagement is vital.
Language skills are essential to communication for relationship building. Together these influence all other actions:
Liaising and engaging with all stakeholders; Public relations; Mediation on various levels; Media work, including editing for academic and commercial publications; writing of press releases; fund-raising proposal, report writing.
Leading becomes easier if others want to listen, engage and follow.