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What businesses want – exposure and publicity

REAL Communication Consulting’s Dee Viney is running another PR Boot Camp workshop: entitled “Creating news for your business.”

All businesses want exposure and many people say they’d love to create more awareness of their products, activities and services and brands, but just don’t know how to – apart from just placing adverts. This intensive workshop aims to help business people plan to connect and grow through news creation and media releases. Using experiential learning techniques, Dee will get attendees to share their own experiences while acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Each participant will learn to:
communicate with key stakeholders;
target corporate messages and actions effectively in the media; and
write an effective press release.

Choose from two dates: 30 October or 21 November from 8.30 to 12.30 at Chamber House, Royal Showgrounds, PMB.

The cost is R 550 per person including a Workbook and refreshments.

Communication lessons from the FNB ad case

What can we, as communicators, take away from the recent debate around the FNB ad which is said to have taken an anti-ANC government position?

In a free-market economy operating in a democracy, companies are regarded as corporate citizens. That means, like all citizens, they have rights, freedoms, responsibilities and obligations to their stakeholders and their country. In order to function well, grow, develop and contribute positively to society, organisations therefore need to communicate on many levels in the public sphere: economic, social, environmental and political. Ideologically, these spheres are not neutral, instead they are fraught with conflict at times and hence there needs to be constant and consistent communication between them.
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