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I’m Going Google

One of the major things about starting a new business is all the intense learning and knowledge acquisition that takes place every single day! It’s mind-boggling. It’s inspiring!

Since January, I’ve been working extremely hard. I’ve joined business networking groups, I’ve met hundreds of new people, had umpteen face-to-face meetings and drank megalitres of coffee – all in the name of ‘getting myself out there’! I’ve learnt that networking is an incredibly powerful business and communication tool.

However, when I’ve wanted to publicise my PR Boot Camp workshops I’ve used the same old methods of emailing, messaging, putting up posters and sending advertorials to my local media and Chamber of Business for distribution. Not much response. It feels like I’ll never ‘get out there’. I’ve also made the huge mistake of ‘shot gun’ advertising in local newspapers, in the hope of targeting a few who might be interested in my offerings….. with no success.

I’ve also been bumbling around with my website, LinkedIn, Outlook and my Gmail – sending my contacts notices of all my activities, while seeking assistance from online groups that incessantly send me hints and guidelines on marketing my business via Blogs, SEO, PPC, Pinterest to name a few. But I don’t understand half of what they’re saying! It’s just all so confusing. The new social media terms mean very little to me, so I revert to the very backward, rather unsuccessful options that leave me feeling despondent.

BUT then I met a man! A man who knows his way around technological devices, computer jargon and social media applications like no-one I’ve ever met before. A man who displays the patience of Job with my brainless questions; who quietly, rationally explains to me that everything I need is right under my nose – in Google. He explains the value of Google Docs, Adwords and the Keyword tool.

I’m excited! Help has arrived. My very own cyber-saviour! And I’m taking full advantage. I’ve downloaded a Google Tips booklet and I’m getting into Google!

My young cyber-mentor assures me I’ll be ‘on the [Google] map’ in no time. I’m putting my faith in him. So once I’ve learnt something and experimented with it, I’ll share it with you.

Meanwhile, I’m revelling in the fact that today, especially with all this new tech social media stuff, nobody is a ‘fundi’. Gone are the days when there were knowers and learners. We’re all a bit of both and the more sharing of information, know-what and know-how that circulates, the better we’ll all feel and be. It’s a new creative, collaborative knowledge-building era and I’m so glad I’m part of it!

REAL’s May Newsletter

Moving ahead with PR Boot Camp workshops
These are aimed at local businesses, groups, NPO & public service employees and individuals who want to strategize around Public Relations planning to build and improve stakeholder relationships.

The workshops take participants through an intensive process of engagement, using new information and relating it to their own work situations. Participants interact with people from different companies and groups, sharing their experiences; while the workshop manual acts as a personal record, report or workbook of what can be done and applied in the workplace.

These two full-day workshops will take place on Tuesdays 4 June and 11 June at Chamber House, at the Royal Show Grounds, PMB. from 8.30 to 4.30 pm.

Social Media is quite a challenge
Although I’ve managed to get onto Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn and had a few hits and comments on the REAL website, it’s not yet converting into business in a monetary sense. It’s also very depressing when my monthly report comes from FaceBook, telling me I’ve made -80% progress! Any suggestions would be welcome. Ty Bache of Smashing Web Development has been a star! But as I said before, it’s an ongoing and growing process!

“It is not failure itself that holds people back; it’s the fear of failure that paralyzes you.” – Brian Tracy

The future seems quite bright
I’ve joined PMB Chamber of Business and Business Network International and met many new people who will refer my services to others, hopefully. I’m extending my “list of experts” – experienced practitioners in various areas like social media, marketing, web design, writing and editing, DTP etc. As I network and grow I will be needing these experts when I outsource specific tasks.

I am still in on-going talks with a high-profile, accomplished Corporate Communication and Branding expert, hoping that we could collaborate on certain future projects.

Blogs flowing slowly
Thus far, I have written blogs on a range of topics. My work-in-progress is a summary and comment on the little book entitled “How to fix South Africa – the country’s leading thinkers on what must be done to create jobs” edited by Ray Hartley. In a nutshell, it’s all been said before… we know we need to train people for the job market and for self-employment, but we can’t rely on government or big business to do it all. We must start a bottom-up approach by getting the youth into small businesses where they can be skilled, without demanding high salaries!