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Write an 8 Step Communication Strategy for 2018

PR and Communication must be strategic to be effective here’s an easy 8 Step Plan.

In a 2016 article Roger Jabaly defined strategic communication management as “The systematic planning and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image care in a long-term horizon. It conveys deliberate message(s) through the most suitable media to the designated audience(s) at the appropriate time to contribute to and achieve the desired long-term effect. Communication management is process creation. It has to bring three factors into balance: the message(s), the media channel(s) and the audience(s)” (Bockstette & Carsten, 2008).

Jabaly further suggests that writing a communication strategy should include identifying the different aspects that need to be planned for.  He offers eight steps that would lead into a well-rounded strategy, fulfilling the aspirations of most organizations.

1)   Statement of Purpose: Why are you developing a communication strategy in the first place and what needs to be achieved with it.

2)  Current Situation: To understand your organization’s current situation it is highly recommended to use tools such as: SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats), PEST analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, and Competitor analysis).

3)   Set Objectives: It is crucial to align both Organizational and Communication objectives and present a communication strategy that delivers on your organization’s overall vision, and objectives.

4)   Identifying stakeholders: Know your audience. Whether internal or external, communicators should be able to give a comprehensive description of their audiences.

5)   Messages: Craft your messages to be simple, relevant and appealing to your different audience. Avoid using one size fits all approach.

6)   Key Communication Channels: Ask yourself what are the most appropriate channels to use in transmitting your messages? Understand all the available media channels and their level of engagement each offers your audience, especially social media.

7)   Playbook: With your audiences and communication methods identified, it is time to highlight your key communications activities, budget and allocated resources. Your work plan will allow you to measure steps toward your goals.

For a truly well-rounded communications strategy, communicators need to incorporate detailed plans for Media/PR, Digital, and Crisis Communication.

8)   Auditing and Evaluating: What are your key performance indicators, what would strategy success look like, how would you evaluate, measure and audit your communication strategy performance?

Add to the conversation! Share and contribute your thoughts, questions and experience on developing a communications strategy.   

Great news for REAL growth in the future

REAL and Ifutho form a collaborative partnership

REAL’s Dee Viney and Mpume Mthembu, owner of Ifutho Consulting, are pleased to be offering a combined service in values-based, strategic communication and ethical branding. Mpume holds a B Comm Hons and an MBA degree and has been head of Corporate Communication at Hulamin. She recently set up Ifutho, a Level 1 BBBEE company, a goal-driven front-runner in strategic ethical branding, aimed at encouraging business leaders to transform their approach to focus on good governance through real, authentic and ethical communication. This new approach will result in more effective leadership, an empowered and driven workforce, growth and ‘reputational’ capital for any organisation that takes the step forward.

Viney’s and Mthembu’s skills, experiences and knowledge come together to form a powerhouse of forward-thinking strategies in corporate communication and branding. They are working with growing SMEs and receiving highly inspired and stimulated responses.

Mpume Mthembu

Ifutho and REAL form a collaborative partnership offering Strategic communication and ethical branding

Ifutho’s Mpume Mthembu and REAL’s Dee Viney form a collaborative partnership offering Strategic communication and ethical branding

Watch this space………

First PR Workshop a success

Maralyn, Angie, Shan and Thobile hard at work

Maralyn, Angie, Shan and Thobile hard at work

There were only 5 of us but we certainly connected and engaged and grew!

Taking a break from the hard work!

Taking a break from the hard work!

Thobile Mdunge from Shuter and Shooter Publishers, Shan Cade of The CLIP System, Angie Narayanan from Community Chest and Maralyn Atkins from Hilton College – all involved in some aspect of public relations – shared their experiences, learnt new things and went away with ideas. It was a good example of Experiential learning.

The highlight for me was the outcome of the task entitled: Develop a Corporate Identity for a company that produces a blow-up life-size doll to use as companion for the aged, children, the lonely etc!

All participants gave very positive feedback and I certainly feel encouraged to pursue my activities….

Tuesday, 11 June, comes with the challenges of addressing issues related to: PR and the Media, Sponsorship, CSI and Public Affairs, as well as each participant actually drawing up a PR Plan.

Aspiring communicators sharing their skills

With the growth of NGOs, advocacy groups and charities in South Africa, and the decline in funding to these extremely vital organisations in our society (Lotto has let many down), they are having to develop strategies to create awareness of their activities and to raise funds to survive. However, the volunteers who work for these groups are not qualified or skilled to carry out such communication and marketing activities. That is when educational institutions, as part of their community engagement or responsibility, must offer training services whereby interns from the university share their knowledge and skills to enable individuals and organisations in the local community to advance awareness and growth. At the same time the post graduate interns get hands-on training and research experience. They also develop a sense of the social needs of the local community…
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