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Ethical branding and sustainability trends for 2015 and beyond

There is so much talk of sustainability, ethical branding and how to strategise a company’s CSR programmes and efforts, to make ‘being good part of good business.’

Corporate governance and CSR - is it for REAL?

Corporate governance and CSR – is it for REAL?

I have found two interesting items on this topic. The first, a delightful, creative and easy-to-understand ‘story’ about becoming a ‘conscious industry.’ I love it. But my question is, who sees it, who is learning from it and who is doing it? This is a resource that should be circulated to every single business in this country. To experience it, visit: www.ogilvyearth.co.za

The other, EthicalCorp’s report on sustainability trends for 2015.
Ethical Corporation is hosting its 14th Annual Responsible Business Summit in May this year at which over 300 executives from across the globe will discuss the future of responsible business.
As a precursor to this prestigious event, Ethicalcorp conducted a survey to assess the current issues and trends in sustainability. What emerged from the 472 responses were the 3 top international priorities in 2015:
1. Embedding CSR
2. Creating a Sustainable Culture
3. Sustainable innovation

30% of respondents stated that sustainable innovation was the most exciting opportunity for their company in the next five years.
Nearly 25% stated that their companies were driven by sustainability. The hope is that this would increase as sustainability becomes more embedded in R&D and permeates through the organisation.
Visit: www.ethicalcorp.com/rbs

I say, there’s too much talk and not enough will for action!


Treat yourself to ME Time!

Guilt-free ME Morning
You are invited to enjoy a morning of Quality, effective ME time! Leave your chores and troubles behind & take a drive to the spectacular site of The Barn, at Kwanyoni, Hilton
On Wednesday, 11 September
From 8.00 – 12.30

a presentation on Self Esteem
a talk on a New Season for YOU
a circle dance, some Tai Chi, much conversation,
coffee, tea & eats, and
The subject is ME!
That’s YOU! Celebrate who you are…..
You’ll receive and share information, ideas and concepts –
some new, some old, some you know, some you don’t want to know, some you’ll want to explore & others you’ll want to embrace!
Just come, relax and enjoy yourself.

The cost is R 200 per person

Details and RSVP: Desiray Viney

Cel: 082 875 7194 Fax: 086 648 9895 Email: dviney@realcommunications.co.za

A practicing alternative therapies and self-esteem counsellor

A practicing alternative therapies and self-esteem counsellor

Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner and Life Coach

Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner and Life Coach